My digital art explores human emotions and relationships. I like to think about how someone’s intangible air can be visualized in a more concrete way. I use Photoshop to create layers of color and texture to create an atmosphere populated with people.



My studio photography focuses on balancing digital art and reality. I’m interested in creating things that look surreal and vibrant while still clearly being real objects outside of a computer. I do both still life and portraits.


design Sketching

I use sketching in my design process as a tool for thinking and concept communication—it’s how I work out all of my options and think about which ones are the best to move forward with.



I make comics and doodles day to day to remember events in my life and recount funny stories. I like the efficiency of comics. They all me to explore things that are a little more ridiculous and silly before tying them down to more deep or serious projects.